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Green Burial 

Filling In the Grave By Hand

Woodlawn Cemetery is Officially Snohomish’s First Green Burial Cemetery.  In early 2009, Woodlawn Cemetery dedicated a specific piece of land for the use of Green Burials.  There are several old burials scattered throughout this section dating back to 1891 and 1892, making this new trend in burials not so new at all; in fact this is more of a traditional burial from the “old days”.   The few headstones in this section are the original markers from the 1800’s showing the amazing history of one family’s surname change throughout the past 120 years.

     Our Goal with Green Burials is to offer an alternate option of burial, to be as eco friendly as possible, while still maintaining the natural beauty of the grounds and giving back to mother nature, 1 burial at a time, 1 tree at a time.

A person can be buried in our Green Burial Section in as little as a simple shroud

(as required by Law) or in a biodegradable casket.  Embalming is optional with either no embalming or with new formaldehyde-free fluids.  With every Green Burial we will donate at least 1 tree in your name, to be planted in the Green Burial Section. 

The grave is prepared by digging a hole slightly shallower than a standard grave,  we place our own custom designed wood liner in the grave to help with keeping the contents of the grave in that specific space;      “bio mass” - leaves and twigs are placed into the bottom, to help with the bio degradable process and on top of the deceased once lowered into the grave - with the option of a lowering device or hand straps.  Then, the family has the option of hand filling the grave in or allowing the cemetery equipment to fill in the grave.

Green Burial

Package includes:

Space, Care Fee, Open and Close, Biodegradable Liner, Inspection Fee and Lowering Device or Hand Straps, Basic Cemetery Service and All Taxes.

A Minimum of 1 Tree Will Be Planted For Every Space Purchased.

At this time, we are unable to “Pre - Need” packages, unless a person is imminent.

All prices subject to change with out notice.

Fees are for specific location in cemetery.  Weekends, Holidays and After Hours are extra.