Woodlawn Cemetery

7509 Riverview Road  Snohomish, WA 98290                360-568-5560


Serving the Community for over 120 years

Established in 1891 ~ Family Owned and Operated Since 1963


Beautiful Scenic Views of  The Snohomish River, Valley, The Cascade Mountain Range and Mount Rainier.

A memorial to those who have served.

An Array of  Animals live at and visit Woodlawn Cemetery including Deer, Owls, Eagles and many more

Added in July 2010 - An Upright Tablet and Bench featuring Granite Inlay, Diamond Etching and Ceramic Steel Photos.

Snohomish River

Mt Rainier

Our Mission is to serve the best interest of you and your loved ones at a time of need with Truth and Integrity;
No matter your background, religion, race or burial preference.
Our Family has always believed in serving the public with Affordable and Respectable Services.